Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rough-Cut Raid 12/12/12, and The Problems I Faced getting The Sale Price "AGAIN!!!"

How do you possibly mannage to say not once, but twice, that the discount does not apply to the Rough-Cut, you see my point at the picture  Take a good look, in 7 Target stores (Valencia, Canyon Country, Granada Hills, Van Nyes (Sepulvida Blvd Store), Century City, Culver City and Manhattan Beach), And those were the only 3 at the Valencia, CA stores.   The First time, I Had to grab the manager, the second time the F**king old lady tried to say the sale only applied to the Hail-Fire, Because that is what's pictured in the AD.   However you turn the page, another blaster is shown same sale.

Toys R Us did the same thing with the Stryfe, made it a big deal to get the day new blaster, Their excuse (which is not true) "It Doesn't say "Blaster" and the box, and the sale only applies to blasters."  So when their stupid digital UPC point of sale system, isn't properly programed in, may it they released a blaster too early and the sale posted applies to the product, Leagally binding so (look it up), They try to find ANY dumb reason to not give it to you.

Of Course, I am Better than that! Got the discount twice, and 2 of my friends gets the sale price of $16.30 Out the door.  That's what a raid is, Next post will explain better a Raid, but for now, chill at this review about the Rough-Cut.

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  2. Clint Eastwood from Gran Torino threatening an empty lawn chair.

  3. It wasn't a lawn chair, go see the film and don't stop at that scene. lots of folks like "toad" out there, lotta folks like Eastwood, lotta places like their town they all live in where the movie takes place, sign of the times.

    1. Lol, I was attempting at a humorous reference to Clint Eastwood's strange speech at the RNC where he scolded an empty chair. Clearly I failed :P

  4. Ahh, I just didn't, get the reference, I failed that one : )