Monday, December 10, 2012

No Mod For You? I Don't Think So.... Or... "How to Stop Worrying And Mod Your Nerf Firestrike Into A F**king Anti-Aircraft Gun!"

Got a little ticked today, took apart a Nerf Firestrike only to find this one piece assembily....


So i tried to unwind the coil, I could have stuck to this, but i knew what was going in this springs place where the Jolt Spring is.

The firestrikes plunger is riveted into the mainspring shaft, I simply pryed the 3 notches behind the rubber cussion that is 2 part epoxy compatible, how lucky is that.

There it is with ONE of the springs, and Orange Mod Works 4 Kg Stampede Spring, so where oh where is the Reflex spring, well look later..
To hell with plasic tabs, we are putting this back together with some 2 ton epoxy!
Stir well and...
Apply it to the front of the plunger after removing the O Ring with the desired springs in place, secure it put the Rubber pad on and wipe it clean of excess epoxy (no solvents!) before it sets, sorry about this pic, the epoxy once dried doesn't undry, had to be quick!
Here it is, both springs, total draw of 6.5 Kg, and I taped the barrels hole and crowned it for better performance, simply trimmed the rough plastic joint with a box cutter knife.
There it is, it fits!

Here is the result!

and another

From Your Friend In Space!! 


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