Thursday, November 29, 2012

So You Wanna Be A Nerf Sniper?

  • ...Like me?   A sniper is in a team member of Nerf Battle all by in itself, You can Attack, Intercept and Defend with a High Powered Nerf gun. Usually, a Sniper, will do all 3 given a day of Nerf Gun Battle.

    Snipers are not campers, a proper Sniper is a surport gunman that just shoots at a higher distance so that other Nerf teams cannot hit him, A good sniper is always moving with his team to surport Them, keeping a safe distance from the enemy droping foam and demise at them, while they cannot at you.

    Or even better, The fact that a snipers Long Gun has better balistics makes him a much better attacker at times. One of the best attacks a sniper can do is a tactic known as "Strafing". To Strafe is to run sideways around the enemy taking advantage of the higher Velocity to place a leading shot at the enemy. Skeet shooting uses the same tactics with a 12 gauge, putting the shot where the Clay Pigeon is going to be before it hits, this is known as "Leading". Because The enemy with a stampede, Pyragon, Raider or Hail Fire, has a higher rate of fire, but lower Range, typically a Pro will have 50-65 feet Maximum effective. These Guns are going around 70-80 feet per second. One of my guns, the "Super Velocee' Retaliator" Clocks in at around 160 Feet per second, More than twice as fast at 120-130 feet of maximum effective.


    ...Have Strong Arms-- faster guns use heavier springs, requires the sniper to be strong.

    ...Be a good Modder-- know how to configure and fix your setup fast, fast FAST!

    ...Have an extensive background with Archery, Target Firearm shooting and overall understand ballistics Well, The farter you shoot, the less margin of error you have, better be good!

    ...Know gunsmithing-- Don't leave seams on those trigger catches and cams FILE THEM SMOOTH but level!! 

    ...Carry a lot of ammo-- Maybe it's spray and pray at 110-120 feet, but it's still spray and pray and that is the best a Nerf Gun can do is to land the dart in the general area and leave the rest to luck. You will go though at least 3- 18 round mags per battle.

    ...Know Cover and Concealment-- The less that they can see of you, the less likely they can hit you, always better, it's only sometimes that distance is your cover.

    ...Know how to shoot in close quarters-- Indoors no matter how fast your gun shoots, you will always have targets within 30 feet. If you can't box in this range, what are you doing with a Nerf Gun anyways?

    ...Carry a Backup gun with the same dart/clip system-- You find more snipers failing by a Jam and someone charging in, or running out of ammo, carry another good piece like a Retaliator, Rayven, Styfe or Stampede. Typical Sniper Weapons are more prone to Jams, they are also typically Modded so more prone to failure as well. So you better have another piece!


    ...CAMP!! -- As soon as someone gets the jump on you, you are a sitting duck usually pinned in a corner. Plus there are a ton of attack scenario's where a high power gun is a great asset to an attacking team! You are also putting your team a disadvantage by not suppoting them on the line of battle with superior range and firepower!

    ....Be dependent on range-- As soon as the enemies courage is up and he charges you within his maximum effective range, the jig is up, The advantage of a sniper is only that the darts go faster and shoot flatter at close range, but he will probably have a better rate of fire. Be good with a Rapid fire piece too!

    Your Friend in Space...

    --Chris Cartaya


  1. hi chris, i was playing in the Camarillo hvz 2012 winter game on day one, i was the kid with the retaliator and strongarm, anyway i saw you get awesome far range shots and decide to look up how to be a nerf sniper. I found this! well done i saw how you where using your retaliator and decide to a retaliator for sniping to. was yours modded and was it difficult to mod?

  2. No, very easy, just go simple at it. The Gun I used was the basic Super Retaliator that used a 5 Kg Orange Mod Works Retaliator Spring and the AR KEPT IN PLACE!, an Orange Mod Works double Trigger catch spring and a standard longstrike Barrel with a Recon front sight glued to it and A Recon sight glued to the Rear Retaliator stock. The Rear sight is the hardest part, so just start with a Recon sight mounted to the accessory rail on the slide (moving part of the retaliator). Sight in each notch on the barrel and accessory rails for distance at each point lined up to the rear sight. Good Luck and happy Shooting.

  3. Nice, I'll check it out, have you seen my Xplorer Longshot yet, 23Kg's I'm pulling between 195-210fps averages which in X darts translates to 170-180 flat range.

  4. Neat Article. I wanted to get your thoughts on this: Nerf Gun Reviews

    1. Good basic overview of Nerf blasters, I would call them blasters not guns or the Nerf Internet Community will not so nicely remind you that blaster is the common Nomenclature used to describe a blaster such as a Retaliator or a Stryfe. What would really be interesting is to do a comparison of the blasters in terms of attack power in reference to ammo usage. Twin Triads, for example, brutal in close range attacks.

      A stryfe is the bread and butter of any close quarters assault battle, but long range unless you mod a 2k, a longshot or get something that can do in excess of 200 fps, you really can't sniper unless you majorly arch the shot. Back in these days, that's how I did it, nowadays I have pistols that flat out can hit epic ranges and an Xplorer blaster in case I ever want to do it clipfed.

  5. so duel wielding two rayvens is fun, just enjoy trying to reload. if thats not good enough for you, then get a magstrike, Best Nerf Guns

    1. It has nothing to do with that, it's good enough, I actually own a few magstrikes, a red one and a couple of yellow ones. I've played close range, I have to when I am indoors. Nowadays it's even crazier, I play with an Xplorer Longshot and a Carbine/Pistol called the Bird of Prey Type R that I got a 191' kill last month with. It's just like playing a different position in baseball, that's all.

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