Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nerf Stryfe Dart Sensor Fix (The Right Way).

Yesterday I rolled out with a quick fix on how to fix a problem on the Nerf Stryfe which is the Dart Sensor which makes it so the gun will not release the plunger without a dart in the magazine.  Unfortunately, it was doing it with a dart in there as well soooo...  Me and Basic Nerf Came up with this.

Personally however, this fix is for Jabronies, and I decided to go deeper from the request of quite a few Nerf Fans. Here are some pics and a Detailed 15 minute video, look at the 2nd one too as just taking out the finger is not the best idea.


Blaster Taken Apart...  Inspired by the brilliant SG Nerf, and how he shows takedown pictures.

With Defective part....

...And without Defective part, it just pops out of there with ease.  No longer Blocks the Dart Pusher.

Very easy to do, just follow the rules I say in the second video in this post.



I found this to work best, pinning the Finger up with winding 3/32nd of an inch duck tape around it and trimming the top of it.

Your Friend In Space...


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