Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do not shop at Toys R' Us

And most certianly do not shop at this store.

They tried to cheat me out of the buy 1 blaster get the other %50 off and charge me the normal price of $24.99 A piece for 2 Nerf Stryfes.  When I told them about the problem, the manager "Jessica" stonewalled me insisted that for the sale to apply, it had to say "Blaster" somewhere on the box.  Such Neolithic incompetence shouldn't have a job, and i was there currently to supply Basic Nerf with pictures of the new "Blaster".


1 comment:

  1. First sentence, top of the back of the box... it describes the Stryfe as a "blaster." Read your post before heading to my local TRU, but they had the "buy one get one" signage taped to the shelf immediately in front of where the Stryfes were on display. Other than waiting a really long time at the service desk, I had little trouble.