Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Nerf Elite Guns, Next years envy?

Basic Nerf,  Has the goods on next years Nerf Elite Arsenal.  And here are my opinions on them.  First off..

Nerf Roughcut.

This gun looks cool but I Have a bad feeling about this one, sorry guys but have any of you owned a AS-6 Hornet?  This one I suspect from inspecting Photo's of internals that this goes by 2 mainspring housings and an indexing mechanism to switch it to another set of barrel assemblies every time you shoot.  Any gun I have ever seen  use this kinda barrel switching however, were prone to leakage to different barrels at different times, making the reliability of the weapon useless.  There is no way all 8 barrel will shoot the same, aim the same or fire the same, even if it was flawless because the distance from mainsprings to barrel all shorter towards the top and farther from the bottom, a concern even though this should be considered a close in weapon.  

This gun however is pretty badass in theory, One could run around and tag people twice (in a 3 fall game, that leaves only 1 hit left) and have 3 more tries to do so each shot. My solution is to take the 2.5 KG springs and make it so it can shoot with 10Kg springs and fire all 8 at once. This would require some heavy duty aluminum parts to do that however and when you use that for more serious long range shooters, like my Super Velocee' Retaliator why bother.

Nerf Diatron
This one however, i am buying this the day it comes out in the USA.  More promising because it uses leaf spring grabing the discs and throwing them directly rather than some Half Massed air diversion circuit.  Also, it is not a front loading device where darts tend to fall out in battle.  Overall with such solid guns and the Vilgilon  and the Pyragon, I have much more faith in the Vortex line to produce a multi-shooter since it's firing mechanism is more simple.

Nerf Stryfe

This one falls into wait and see, not only because i know lots who will have them, but because my Rayvens (that's right folks, plural) are about to get some 3.7 volt 14500 type Trustfire Rechargables.  It looks great, no frontloading, uses N-strike Magazines, and has second trigger rather than the non Litium-ion Friendly toggle switch the barracade has.  

But my question is, why bother?  If i have 2 Rayvens and a Hail Fire, and put in mind these are not even my primaries, why should i run out and buy em?  I can only name 1 reason, Size, but even then, anyone make holsters for there things?  Well I Can, Just look....

I also make...

*18 Round Mag Holsters in either 2x18 or 3x18 belt mounted configuration.
*Retaliator Pistol Hip Holsters.
*Accessory rail Mounted Guns, very useful and grip handles and backup weapon.

That would be a good use for the strife, looks to be thin enough and i would love to see it with 3 14500 type trustfires in em  Or maybe mounted to the barrel assembily of a Super Velocee' Retaliator using this thing.

Nerf Strongarm.

I am not a big fan of multi-chamber guns, they always act differently, IT is cool though, slam-mode, 6 shots so I need no reason to hate this except Nerf DAHHHH go back to design school!  Why the hell would i want a bandoleer bracket in the back of my slide, well i guess if you can't say anything nice.....

Nerf Firestrike

6Kg Orange Mod Works Stampede Spring + Firestrike + Human target = Generally Psychotic Behavior.  

Word up man, If you do not buy this and mod it in the method described or better, than I will question your sexual oreantation and fart in your general direction.  Thig gun would probably pull about 85 flat with that spring and 150 arched,  I like the fact that the sighting light is second trigger activated and that this gun will probably have, out of the box, practical use for it.  It's bound to be dead balls accurate, RUN HOUSEPETS RUN!!! 


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