Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Video of the Madman! (AKA Your's Truely)

So you have checked out talking all about blasters, new blasters, modded blasters, me and Basic Nerf are all over the Stryfe as if Hasbro is gonna go the way of the Twinkies, but what about playing with them?  Sure I "Talk" about shooting a Long-Gun, but how about footage of me using em.  Well You are in luck because Basic Nerf uses a GoPro camera and films his wars and there are some I am in, so i'll Just show you some of those.

3 Way Pyragon Battle, first Vid of his I was ever in, wait till you see where the winner should start in the next one...

....So then we got the time Basic Nerf took the slip litterally, this is me with the first Super Velocee' Prototype (SV a1).  And my team won the match.

...And the time I nailed  a guy with a shield from 60-70 feet away with the wind howeling with a Super Retaliator!  That's me you see there!

Well I am gonna wake up, time to get some coffee, laterz.


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