Monday, January 27, 2014

Really Guy's? Really?

The new Nerf Cam 12, what is the big deal?

My first question? Why the trend for lower capacity magazines?  The demolisher only has a 10 round mag, Damn brady bill has finally hit our Nerf guns?  In my league right now, half the people fight with Rapidstrikes, that means they want flat 18's or better.  So do they want us to buy more 18's? Shit, they even make a Rapidstrike with 2-18 round mags.

Next off, the tiny ass screen, I don't know the native resolution of the cam on the blaster, but if it is not at LEAST 1080p, forget it, much better with a smartphone app.  Could this be too little too late?  I am sure it is cool, but is it cool enough for current markets, especially Asian markets?  I think maybe not.

And then the firing system, I noticed it may be somewhat different than the current Stryfe, Rapidstrike, Stampede systems we have come to love. So would throwing trustfires on this help, and if you up the voltage, would it mess up the cam and screen, one can only wonder.

See you in Disneyland.



  1. It has separate power for the camera, under the same door, but a separate battery tray. The camera is 0.3 mp, horrendous, like a 1st gen camera phone. Frame rate is 20 frames sec. In short total toss!
    Shell design is great though, like a cross between hi tec mil sim and sci fi. New colours are interesting too and White is a super easy plastic to vinyl dye. Tossfires are for noobs though!

  2. Oh thank God for the separate camera battery! but 0.3 megapixel and only 20 FPS, it just seems too gimicky to me. I like the new colors though, White is cool. Thanks for the 411.