Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lamborghini Miura SV Owner (Aledged) Takes Exception To Super Veloce' Designation.

I'll just go out with it, His name is James and he is the owner of a 1971 Lamborghini Mirua SV which only 191 were ever made and he thinks the founder of Lamborghini would turn over in his grave.  Well not according to Lamborgini when I talked to them last year after trading phone calls thatas long as the SV designation is not a copy of their logo and as long as it does not mean "Sport Veloce'" I am fine.

Months go by, all is cool and all the sudden, some hot head from the Isle of man gives me a long distance phone call and says (to say it short) "You call your guns a name Ferruccio would turn over in his grave if you knew you were calling your "toys" that.  I said "who are you to judge"  He said  "Owner of his masterpiece, a 71' Miura."

I was shocked, I was in tears, obviously he thinks I know nothing about cars, I know this sounds dumb, but this one got to me.  I have gone to many Ferrari Club meets, driven a few nice cars and even sat in a 250 GT before (not the "California", just the GT).  Yes out of it for awhile, but I love cars, love the Miura, The Countach, somewhat the Diablo and Most Definitely the Murcealago.  I collected these cars as kids, hung posters in my room and me and Dad, Ferrari Vs. Lamborghini, who woukd win Mr Miami vice fan!

This happened last Sunday and i have been POed since.  You said you saw it on my blog, I don't know who you are but call me back, what would you name it then, the range line above "Super" and below "R-Spec" that gets the most use.  You dislike my naming convention? well here ya go, i'll hear you out!



  1. I would never want to miss out any opportunity to read out your contents.

  2. Any ideas about another name other than SV? "Super Velocity" It just says it!