Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HvZ Weapons Mod Guide.

So what to bring to HvZ in camarillo, CA this July 13th and July 23rd?  Well first off, bad news out, No Rapidstrike, no Zombiestrike, No Centrurion (more on that later).  These guns that would have been epically useful are not out yet, just wait for winter HvZ.

The good news:  This proves to be the best armed HvZ ever, Triads, Stryfes and Elite Rayven's, Strongarms and some of the best Longshot and Retaliator kits and mods I have ever seen.  But still, i see a lot of people held to tradition "Oh i brought this recon the last 4 HvZ's I can't mod it."  Terrible attitude, if you are modding shoot for at or below 95 flat, no brass barrels, bring nice tac gear and flat mags.

But on a more complete gun to gun note:

Firestrike: Use a 8Kg or 6Kg Swarmfire spring and bond the piston with Epoxy, you can also use the Orange Mod Works 7Kg Strongarm spring

Triad: Use a 6Kg OMW Vulcan spring, want 8 Kg?  well thats a trade secret, 6 will do just fine at 80-85 flat.

Recon: Orange Mod works Massacre kit or or unleashed 1+2 kits, some filing metalwork required.

Strongarm:  Keep it stock, really not worth the trouble.

Roughcut:  Master key of choice, other than that, keep it stock.

Longsthot:  OMW immortal kit, use the 5 Kg Spring only, teflon tape on seals a must.  Leave your K26 ed longshot at home, they do you credit,, but they are sure to get you disqualified.

Longstrike: What?  I have seen too many lose with this gun, two thumbs down.

Retaliator:  Black Tactical V2 spring, OMW trigger catch spring.  Also using a OMW Unleashed stage 1 kit and a Xplorer Composite piston really a good choice.  Taking out the AR optional, it will add 5-10 feet flat if you do. Teflon tape on seals a must.

Stampede:  4-3.7 volt 14500TR unprotected trustfire batteries, 6 Kg OMW spring, bore out the AR.   The Black tactical Stampede kit also good, be sure to seal the tiny hole in the piston or you will be disappointed.

Stryfe:  2-3.7 volt 14500TR unprotected trustfire batteries un rewired, now if it is rewired without the silly capacitor by the battery tray-3, 4 is very questionable  but if your insides tell ya, load up for and smell the motors fry to a crisp.

Elite Rayven, same as stryfe, stryfe does better because it is not a buildup design.

Elite Alpha trooper: easy on the bolt, not too much teflon tape or it will auto slam even when you are not holding down the trigger,  a 5 Kg OMW retaliator spring and the OMW trigger catch spring is really all you need.  8.5 Kg is nice but not as stable.

Disk guns:  Extra mags a must, bring 20's and 10's.

Did i miss any? Also, here's a LONG video on the pro's and Cons of certain guns for the use of HvZ game play.

Here is a vid about my primary if you wanna cut to the chase.

See You In Zombieland,I do have some parts if you need them, give me a Holla at thechriscartayaproject@gmail.com if you need em!


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