Sunday, April 14, 2013

...That's Not Nerf combat! At Least Not How The Big Boys Play!

The Folks at Nerf are playing the most american of games when it comes to hosting Nerf battles....."Catch Up"!  This is typical of them!

Check out this video and honestly tell me that not every Nerf event you have ever seen or heard of is not...

* Half Massed

* Too concerned with safety and not concerned with fun

* On the Cheap


I mean how much were people paying to play this bullshit.  The arena looks like a vomited version of the Dart Tag arena that was used in Dart Tag Tournaments.  It's that inflatable nonsense that has to get 120 degrees inside in the summer.  Hell that's a worse Hazard right there than more powerful guns!

They were using all Dart tag guns, it's like WHAT!!!!...Dart tag?  Hell we take the "Elite" Nerf guns that shoot like twice as far and throw like tight springs, brass barrels and high voltage batteries and go in big ass parks and shoot each other down!!!  If we get welted, we don't care, at least are guns shoot farther than the distance accross my house.

Just look at the video in my last post, i'll post it again and see if that's the kinda game a real Nerf Franchise should be.   Also, for more action, not just me, Check out Basic Nerf's GoPro battle playlist, Great author, great player, great person.  Now this is How the big boys play, Hasbro!

Nerf is a sport, and the Big Boys take it seriously!  So get off your PS3, Your Computer, Your Smartphone, Whateva!  Pickup A blaster and host some wars.  Somebodies gotta do it right!

Discuss man, discuss.

I'll See You In Disneyland.


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