Sunday, February 24, 2013

Things That Make You Go Himmm....

Hey, sorry to leave you for so long campers, but I have been busy, vacationing, writing a screenplay, and basically helping my best friend move.  Also however,  it has been slow, not like when the stryfe came out, and I have already tuned up my guns.  But still a Couple of things make me go himmmm...

#1. The 50 Round Drum That Refuses To Die!!!!!

We even have a patent for it in 2012, so why not 2010?  My feelings is that they couldn't get it to work, otherwise they would just go "patent applied for" and make it, and I did get that weird feeling back then that the 18 round drum and the 18 round sticks (which have become almost the standard for clipfeds in Nerf battle) were switched around.

 They better put this damn thing on a Hot Rod full auto or just don't bother. The gun better have a bullet-proof magazine catch on it and I say a big ass bipod.  Is it cool? yes, however I fear this would be like holding a Hail-Fire with 8-18 round sticks, very cumbersome.

Now what do I think? I think it's comming out this year, THE BIGGER QUESTION IS PACKAGED WITH WHAT!!! It could be some inventor at Nerf's quest finally accomplished and they just sit on it or could be really be a sign of something brutal around the corner in the clipfed Nerf world.  No way to tell right now

#2. Immortally expensive Xplorer Xpower mod kits.

What an excellent mod kit!  We're talking Stepans, Shooting 85-115 feet out of a retaliator and hey look! they even have a Mag for it, and optional longer barrel and new slide assembily!  The price?  Made me think of doing This to myself!  Let me get this straight man?  The gun would cost me as pictured, Plus the Direct Plunger replacement kit that I just can't go on living without!  $184 w/shippping US currency plus $25 for a new Retaliator!!!!  What the Hell Fuck man!  You are not making this easy for me to even consider going stephan, are ya!  Since the invention of stephans are meant to be cheaper, I feel the point is lost.  And to be honest!  I have made guns, that shoot just as far flat, with standard darts that have more drag and harder to throw out the barrel.

What do I think?  They sell too few and have to spit costs with too few out the door so it costs more.  Unlike OMW that majorly mass produces mod kits, these guys look like a decent company, not fly by night or anything, but not an empire, not to mention, maybe they don't wanna sell alot.  Major drag man, I would love to play with one of these, but too rich for my blood.

See You In Disneyland


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