Monday, February 25, 2013

Things That Make Me Go GRRRRRR!!!!

#1  The new anti-camo Vortex Disks.

Ok, you got neatto disks, you got lots of plastic packaging and... YOU ONLY HAVE 10 PER PACK!!!!  DAHHHH  nobody is going to seriously buy them and use them.  They will buy 1 pack and say "No no no, don't use those disks, I only have 10 of them."  Maybe if you have, like weighted ones, ok identifyer, but who weights Vortex Disks?  It didn't seem to stop people from shooting the Pyragon Disks, but then again, you had 40 of them, and If you bought Twin Pyragons like I did, you had 80, and they were easy to see.  Maybe they want you to buy the cheaper, green ones that get lost in grass easier, what a marketing tactic!

 #2, The Tek 5

 The Tek 5?...........
You Have gotta be kidding me!  Lets hit this from a technical point of view 30 feet? Extremely moddable?, probably not. Who Cares if it's 5 bux, Sure a strongarm is $12, but a strongarm can do 100 feet arched, out of the box, slam mode, and carries 1 more ELITE DART.  A triad does 75 feet nicely out of the box, and you can stash it in your pocket and take it to school with you for only 2 dollars more at Target!  Twin Triads, oh hell man, my favorite backups, and even sometimes modded ones are primaries so far. So much so, that in a couple of games people wouldn't attack me in a game unless I dropped my 6 Kg twin triads and went for another gun.  So much so, I made twin, magnetic clap holsters for them. FYI on the Triads, Toys R Us has a buy 2 get 1 free sale till March 2nd and Black Tacticals V1 Retaliator spring makes the gun as fast as a Super Retaliator (around 140 FPS).  Get real man! This gun is made under the "Those Fucking kids will buy anything" clause.

#3 Those inanely expensive spare Firefly Tech mags.

"inane", not "insane"  as in empty and pointless, to go "insane", well you would have to buy some fine mod components from Xplorer to pull that off, or battle Basic Nerf with a Rayven or Stryfe, and hope to win.

So lets see here....

Kid 1, Goes to Target, Buys the Firefly Tech Vortex mag for $17.99, goes to the park.

Kid 2, Buy a Crappy Tek 5 for $5, goes to the same park.

Both battle, the Tek 5 guy wins!

No seriously, think of all the guns you could get for $18 Include but not limited to.

*A brand New Stryfe on sale also for $17.99

*A Strongarm

*2 Triads, no problem

I can go on and on, and for only twice as much money, the gun that normally comes with the mag, is only twice as much, save your money kiddies!

See You In Disneyland


PS, Yay a Strongarm 6 Kg Spring!

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