Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Nerf Rebelle Line, Once again, Girls Get The Short End Of The Stick!

A friend of mine My Last Dart, went to the toy fair not long ago and got to see what was up for the new Nerf line.  He couldn't tell me anything, and honestly since I have been involved with projects in the past Subbing for Walt Disney Show and Ride Division , Disney's MAPO Division, The US Army (fiberglass for M1 tank simulators) for example, I am no Stranger to NDA's and rules of confidentiality.  One of those things he saw must have been the new Rebelle Line, what is that do you ask?

Yep that's right! A Darling Girl shooty shooty line.  The design scheme appears to be pink/purple/orange in bird type looks, 3 guns a Bow, A Triad type gun, A crossbow.  Very cool because they are not just rehashed Retaliators, Rampages Rayvens and so on.  My favorite is this one so far as looks goes, the heartbreak bow.

Now here is where it gets sad, sure to fail, why? Because the product is too much into looks and too little into firepower,in this case,  rate of fire.  It is geared for the power girl 6-12, with no power.  Would Liz Taylor shoot one of these, hell no! She'd shoot a Rayven!  Most likely If it were between this and a Longshot, If a girl wanted to own An HvZ game, they would get the Longshot, Rayven, Stampede solution!

Go ahead, Go ahead!  Picture it Girls on one side with their bows that Shoot, silly rumors say 40 feet, but even at 75 feet, single shot, Boys on the other that shoot 75 feet or better, also have clipfeds, with rapid fire, Yep the Darling Deer Little Women are sure to lose, Go to Wal-Mart, Get an Elite Rayven, ask (demand) their bigger brother for Trustfires, and get revenge!

So What is the solution?  I propose that Rebelle Needs a Flagship gun, like the retaliator or Rampage. I however feel a Flywheel gun would be best Who Cares If it's a repaint, you already have 3 nice looking originals, and even if you reshelled  it with a girly chasis, a stryfe/rayven/stampede Internals would work.  But it must have...

*Rapid Fire
*75 Feet of Range
*Girl Color mags (personally I say white, also go with elite guns well)

This would even the line out and give it a chance to stay.


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