Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Alternative To The Vest, The Bat Belt!

I ran into 2 people...ummm...with issues the other day walking in Venice Beach, and this is what they said.

(Robin Speaks)   Holy Shit Batman!!, The Joker has a belt of his own!

(Adam West)  That is no joker, that is just a guy playing Nerf With his Friends.

(Robin)  Well with that crazy hair, he could have fooled me!

(Adam West) C'mon Robin, lets explore the drains and figure out who's stealing all our water!

Think I am Joking?  This is Venice California, land of the eccentric! But what they were refering to is the subject of todays post.  One buys a Nerf gun, maybe a Stampede, a Retaliator and quickly you find need for a place to put all of your surport gear in battle.  Most pick a vest, usually the Nerf one, some actual military gear, some go to an airsoft store, buy a battle vest.  Me, I picked custom Duct Tape Holsters, made by me, and all put on a belt.   The Options include, but not limited to...

3x18 Magazine Holsters, Can Hold 54 rounds of your favorite happy fun elite darts, yay! That includes the 18 in the Retaliator, 18 in the Stryfe and 6 in the Triads as pictured for a total of 96 rounds!!

Spare Recon/Retaliator Mid Leg Holster.

Magstrike Mid Leg Holster. 

Magnetic Clasp Triad Holster(s), I usually go for a pair on this one.

Firestrike Holster.

Magnetic Clasp Stryfe Holster.

Strongarm Holster.

Between all of these, I set up my gear and what I am taking to battle with me.  It depends Highly on the mission how I configure it.  The reason I like this better is because it offers the user.

*Lower Encumbance
*Reasy Use and Reach

It makes it so you can customize every aspect of your rig.  Duct tape does indeed last longer than you might think, and how useful they are is all up to you.

Lately I have been playing with Neo Magnets and fast draw clasps.  These are designed  so that when you tug the gun out of the holster, it releases in a split second and brings the gun to action. I have been playing with magnet mounts since late 2008 and what I found is that you should let the holster hold the gun, but the clasps hold it "in".

With the use of these, I have found significant advantage in battle, take for instance this video with me using 
8 Kg Triads and Magnetic Clasp holsters, They are a complete advantage in battle...when it all works.

There's something to be said about making it yourself.

See You In Disneyland.


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