Wednesday, September 2, 2015

High Pressure Air and the War of Change......

The first time I played Paintball was in the 90's, and I absolutely hated it.  The markers were top and back heavy, two bad combinations, I hated that the markers were not Magfed, but hopper fed (still dislike wye hoppers today for personal use). And the ammo, suck suck suck and I knew it. Not only were they too soft to hold aerodynamic form, but they were .68 inch balls, large air footprint and bad aerodynamic drag from being a BB.

This is somewhat of an arrogant opinion I agree, But put in mind also from a shooter who was hitting a golf ball sized area of a target from 100 yards (300 feet) with a Model 29 Smith, that's right...a .44 magnum pistol back in 1999.  I'm fussy to say the least of what I spend my time and money on shooting wise.

I started modding Nerf blasters again in 2008 and never looked back until my friend Liam Davis, nailed it!

Liam Davis's Red Baron.

Instantly, I was in love and the NIC was in a panic as all sorts of new, unexplored dangers, competitiveness and benefits were now tossed in the air like a double headed quarter.  No seriously, this is a big issue, I mean fear that this can get NIC blasters banned from public areas like parks, fairness, police brutality, you name it, all valid concerns but...

This is like everything I wished Paintball was that day, I myself wouldn't play with one of these at parks, but I'm 40, and I know better, I can't speak for everyone.  But I can say this, this is the future, will it eliminate the NIC, no but stubborn shit like this won't help....

It's fear of change, yes, but also fear that our hobby might get unwanted legal attention as well, I get it Langley, Spoon, Slug, Ice9, all you cats, love you all but...... 

You can't stop progress, we need to keep doofy kids from misusing them in the first place, not discourage progress.  I don't see this taking over NIC battle, I see it taking down my old nemesis...............PAINTBALL!!!!!!!


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