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All Ultra Match Pistol Specifications so far.......

Most don't realize it's not just a silly name of a blaster series or a brand name but that "Ultra match" Is an actual specification, just like a Plusbow or a Rainbow snap for example. The reason I give my mods that term is because the mods are specific to what I build and not found most anywhere else in the NIC.
So I was asked to post in my rules the specifications so here we are...

Cartaya Mod Works: Specifications for High end Modded Stock Pistols AKA Ultra Match.
Sept 27th 2015
== Revisions==
The improvements of the Ultra Match pistols are specified as "revisions" or "Rev" for short. Several exist and are still being used to accommodate the needs of modders and players alike.

***All brass 17/32nds, all couplers 9/16ths and Ultra Match Chokes 1.125 long @ 9/16ths, No PETG or CPVC except muzzle brakes****

***All effective Brass barrel length, .503 ID except timing rings, all barrel crowns must be .503 +/- .002 and deburred 30 degrees inside crown of bore muzzle. Ultra match choke's also deburred @ 30 or 0 degrees.***

***ZDS must be proven by loading a dart plunger forward and grease from the plunger visible after dart removal***

***All springs unless otherwise specified, Black Tactical V1, V2 retaliator, OMW swarmfire and retaliator, HPI hellfire red on firestrike models, #62 Hilman for spec 2.0a, spring usage is open for UM Rev 2.0 spec***

***Ultra Match refers to a countersunk barrel used as a Choke to stabilize darts, but is in general the name specifications of all Cartaya's modded pistols in excess of 12 Kg's draw***

***No clipfeds, no hoppers, no RSCB's, no airblasters except barrels for clipfeds, Hopper and RSCB blasters, can be called Ultra Match***

***Cartaya's Short Pistol Ratio is not required but it is encouraged for all blasters above 18kg's the ratio is: "1.7 cc plunger volume per 1 cc of barrel area at and above 18 Kg's spring yield" ***

*Rev 1.0: R-Spec Firestrike, 12-16 Kg's 5" brass barrel, 110-140fps. Specification calls for the barrel to be hammer tapped and metal spacer used between the spring coils as a springplate and that the barrel is glued solidly to the plunger tube.

Yields below 12 Kg's-8Kg's are considered R-spec but only if it has brass.

*Rev 1.1: Zero Dead space assembly glued to AR housing, spring plate/separator (used in Rev 1.0 also to date) Barrel counter Return Spring, up to 23Kg's and includes Star Shots and, Pink Crushes into the designs, Stage 3 Firestrike got up to 206 fps @ 21 Kg's

Yields below 16 Kg's not recommended.

*Rev 1.2 type-M: same as above using a Magnus PT system, in excess of 170 fps

Yields below 18 Kg's not recommended.

*Rev 2.0: Type-L, R, LT (Type L Turreted or Short Barrel) and RT (Type R Titanium) specifies the usage of Star shots with longshot PT's and PH's, That a Bird of Prey is only derived from a Star Shot Rebelle pistol, whith exceptions to Machined replicas like the Type RT, but still must be a Bowcaster carbine or Boswcaster pistol. Typically around 28 Kg's, up to 40Kg's of yield, although diminished returns were seen past 32, ZDS-C system (brass coupler) and speeds in excess of 250 fps. As of May of 2015, The Bird of Prey Type-L is the fastest Spring Nerf pistol in the world without a PT that extends past the front of the shell and even faster than most singled air-blasters.

Blaster Can only Be a Type L or LT if PT is derived from a Nerf Longshot, otherwise, it's a Type S or RS if it's a Carbine.  Yields below 24 Kg's not recommended but can be dialed down to 16 Kg's and 150 fps for lighter shooters or to train in tighter quarters.

Adjustable Plunger heads recommended but not required to comply with UM Rev 2.0 standards.

*Rev 2.0a: Specifies Sharpfire mods with rear loading brass barrel sealed breeches and usage of a Hilman #62 spring, 140-165 fps and is to date the most popular of the Ultra Match mods. Pusher is optional but is made of 1/2 OD Aluminum, brass or Stainless Steel. The barrel must be laminated to the barrel attachment and barrel attachment must be glued to the rest of the blaster making the mod permanent.

Minimum yield is 16 Kg's, must have a brass loading breech finger, slide assembly/bolt must be laminated together past 18 kg's.  Maximum Yield is 21 Kg's, past that is not recommended.

Trigger finger must be cut down or the blaster will be difficult to fire since the trigger catch will not properly engage with enough travel to fire properly.

Yields below 16 Kg's to 8 kg's are considered R-Spec.

*Rev 2.0b: same as 1.1 but with a ZDS-C System yet to be built. Will also cover mods to the Nerf Spitstrike pistol.

*Rev 2.0c Calls for specifications of a Nerf Bigshock to use the HPI hellfire Red outer spring and either the OMW 5kg, BT v1 or V2 inner springs producing 16, 19 or 21 Kg's respectfully. A 1.5" 9/16ths brass coupler and a 17/32nds brass barrel. Velocities vary from 130 fps to 165 fps.

Mod at your own risk.


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