Monday, August 31, 2015

A Declaration To The NIC.

1.  Putting mod limits on my blasters does not disqualify me from wanting to go to a meet, but it's a discouragement.  My absolute ground floor is 120 fps or a Retaliator with a Black Tactical V2 spring, I got no problem toning down, especially for an HvZ event or a meet in excess of 50 miles round trip, this floor is solid.

2. No I don't pick up people for rides anymore, if you are like on the way there and back, sure, but not 20 miles in each direction.

3. My stuff takes time to build, some kits have large backorders and priority 1 is that it functions well, if you don't like it, I will gladly give you your money back, but you do go on a list after that and it is indeed black.

4.  If you borrow a blaster, you are responsible for it, if a catch goes out or something wear and tear related, even sucking a dart into the PT, understandable.  Stolen, no.

5. Do not, under any circumstances, grab one of my blasters by the scopes or scope bases, that is just asking for a backhand and at least 10 minutes of me recalibrating them. Not fun for anyone.

6. If people in your HvZ group are gonna act like dumb fucking monsters, drama and headgames, especially not call when they get hit from long range or when the mod limits are Elite ranges where a player cannot reasonably shoot down Zeds from 80' or more out? just don't bother asking me to go.

7.  I drink, yes, smoke, very occasionally, My YT channel is adult oriented (TV 14ish), but never at meets.  If you gotta problem with that, you know where the door is.

8.  Chris Hardwick is a bitch, seriously a bitch, never invited me to any games despite knowing who I am from several Nerf circles, that's fine pal.

9.  Hasbro, OMW, and other entities in Nerf who fail to even acknowledge my presence, I give you one last chance.  Hasbro can use my input, OMW seriously needs my help, (however they have been better lately) Xplorer already knows how valuable I am and is free to use me as a consultant to bounce ideas off of.  I am much more the guy in the shop making Nerf better than the popular Nerfer on YT, most greatly deserve it, but with the right gear, I can learn that also.

10. I know Nerf Modders Welcome and a lot of the NIC can be a tough crowd, but buck up and stop acting like you don't expect it when you post too much, too many "self proclaimed" credits (and yes, I know from making that mistake myself) or having to deal with trolls and people get butthurt.  NMW made me who I am today, credit comes from not only "saying it" but also going to meets like Apoc and/or Armagedddon and "bringing it", if you don't like that, leave.


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