Monday, January 21, 2013

My Likes and Hates

I Definetly Like Johnnie Walker Blue : D


Nerf Elite Line:
Very modable out of the box.  A good shooting system for young people and good mod potential for older folks.  This is hasbro conceeding to the market of modded guns.

Mod Kits:
Excellent resourse for experienced modders, the right spring or parts can turn a failed project into a sucess quickly.  Also good for replacement parts for failed and/or broken guns, since you are replaceing the broken parts with better ones.

Tac Gear and holsters.
Where else are you gonna put all that ammo and back up guns.

Nerf Go Pro Video's:
Always love to relive my victories and sometimes I better learn what I did wrong.

A good, fair, Nerf Leauge:
Does their best to recover darts, not only takes care of your guns when you loan them , but makes the best use of them.  Makes you feel like a team, brothers in blood without the blood, right on!

Modders who mod in different areas than me:
 Kyle, AMV, Homemaders,  great modders, different phylosopies and pursuits, being around them always sirs up new ideas.


Buzz Bees:
Buzz bees are for suckas!  Even I have a double shot somewhere, but inferior construction always dissapoints me.

Vortex Disk Blasters:
The only one I like because of it's extreme rate of fire is the Pyragon, the rest of the line can go eat a Dohnut.  I had Vortex ranges beat before they even came out and the flat curve is almost impossible for a sniper to judge, disks are expensive, they do terrible in the wind.  They move so slow they can actually be swatted with a blaster as seen me doing it here against Basic Nerf Who Had a Pyragon here, Notice who's in the picture?  Start @ 9:37  for best results.

Drop your gun in the sand and your gun won't work as planned.

Humans Vs. Zombies:
Too many people don't admit when they are tagged or out, lie about hitting you, you always lose all your darts.  Zombies get mad that your gun is not dodgeable, everyone tries to be the hero,  Too many people to keep track of.

People who are Mod Kit dependent:
nuff said, even with a kit, make it better from the new specs.

Games where teams consantly change, terms constantly change.

PVC Nutcases:
Some PVC modders are cool, not nutcases, they are great, some designs have better sears, wider springs chambers and the people who make them are pretty creative, no limits.  Yet I have never made one since not having a standard platform like Nerf is a limit in itself.

But lets face it, some of them are obsessed with comformist standards like range tests and using PTG only since so many liars make a new gun and cheat the range test somehow.  I have even been bullied around by these type of guys not to publish ATG ranges, the hell man?  But isn't this like a contradiction?  I thought people modded with pipes to get AWAY from comformist manufactured Gun standards and limits.  So when they get bent about my range of my Retaliator, that it can shoot arched, that I can shoot arched, none the less me telling them I don't do video standards because my camera sucks, I just had to show them.

In the wind, It still pulled advertised ranges.

But NOOOO we still have to question Cartaya, it can't be?  How did he do it?  There's no wind where I am at even though I am 70 miles away? Denial denial denial....But to be honest with you, not an easy mod, took a long time playing with it to get there over months and months. do remember I have the limits of a cheap, plastic toy, any engineers great challenge.  And sure it's not 150 flat, but it's the fact I can throw 3 of those in 2 seconds and they can't.

People that can't accept we live in a Clip Fed world:  
Many PVCers again fall into this frey, I know few who are that good where they don't need a another round quickly from a mag or preloaded source.  Nerf darts inheretly are not accurate enough to rely on a single shot.  also, most games are 3 fall and a guy with a rayven or retaliator gets the jump on a single shotter usually means retreat or lose.  Best to have N-strike front, PVCers in back defended by the rest of the team while the PVCers cover the n-strike folks. 

People who steal your stuff at Nerf meets:
I caught a kid stealing once, i just told him not to, still better to watch the game you are playing than your stuff all the time.

Your Friend In Space.

--Chris Cartaya

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