Friday, January 4, 2013

Pocket Rocket Comparisons

Boy, this is interesting, so I was out the other day and I decided to finally buy a Jolt.  I figured hey, I have Twin Triad troublemakers, Modded ones none the less with 6 Kg springs, why don't I already have a Jolt?  So I got it home, tried to fit a 5 Kg Retaliator spring in there, which took 2 people to hold down, and I started to compare them.

There is the Triad and Jolt with the old Jolt spring

The Jolt (black plate) has a smaller diameter piston than the Triad (Grey plate), but it has airports behind the piston to enable better airflow behind it, something I said previously the Triad should have.
Smaller draw distance on the piston, smaller diameter piston = less displacement of  air no matter how good of a spring you throw in there.

This saddens me, the Jolt is so simple, no place for the air to go but out, functional sights, and they cripple it with less piston displacement, probably half that of the Triad.  And the triad, which piston is less displacement than a firestrike also falls short to Long-Gun range because of it, however, it's 3 shot indexing, good accuracy and the ability to easily use 2 of them make it useful.  But of the front loaders, no pistol has yet to beat a modded Firestrike, so much so that I put the letters "SV" on one since it  hits 90-100 feet PTG and 160 feet ATG with an 8 Kg Swarmfire spring.
Advantage: Range and mod potental, basic.
Disadvantage: Not easy to conceal, still a frontloader.

Lets face it, the Triad gives you Multishot without reloading ability in something not much bigger than a Jolt!  It is easy to 2 hand draw and fire without having to let go of one of the guns or put in more darts. And modded, it does not dissapoint, but if you wanna drop Zeds, a modded Firestrike is King! 

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