Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Star Wars Nerf fad and it's dissapointing results......


I am NEVER amazed at the obsession Star Wars fans have for Star wars merchandise.  I can respect it, but when it is beyond practicality,  that's where I wonder....is this bordering insanity?

The new Star wars DL-44 blaster, AKA the Han Solo blaster, Nerf made a blaster out of one, and how is it?.....absolutely sucks.....  From friends who actually bought this blaster from FB forums....

*Uses a weird spring arrangement
*Has a weird  PT setup
*Shoots very poorly

Hasbro why?  why did you have to give this blaster little or no potential?  Here is what it would take to make the Nerf DL 44....decent...not great...great may not even be possible....  All of this...rebuilt from scratch.....

So....why may not great be possible?  First off, no room for a decent sized PT, even if I made one from scratch, I might get 40 cc's....at most out of a replica.  An interlocking breech could be done, yes, room for a Stefan mag, yes. But would it be worth it?

Even one made not from a Nerf blaster, the design for the DL 44 was built off a German C96 broomhandle.  It's actually a very interesting gun, selective fire and until the FBI wanted Smith and Wesson to develop the .357 magnum in 1935, it was the most powerful pistol in the world.

Why is this important?  Because this is a firearm cartridge, the design doesn't have room for a PT, best you could do is fit it in the frame, always makes for sucky Nerf blasters.

But could have Nerf built a better DL-44, hell yeah at least as good as a Retaliator.  I haven't been amused at the Star wars nerf gear,  The foam swords fall apart, the bow is awful, accurate, silent, I play with it with my sisters kids.......but awful.  The Nerf cannon in the falcon looks like it was designed by former Ukrainian Nuclear power plant workers.  What the shit man!

Nerf fans have been begging me to come up with a better design, but honestly I would need to gut it like a fish and I just don't have the resources to build a sealed breech for it.  After all...I have my hands full with the Sharpfire, can hardly keep up with demand.



  1. Not only that it has a built in scope and it can take ammo clips making it easy to reload plus it has great range and yes it is the best nerf gun EVER!M+30. dig this

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  3. Dude...but it can be sooo much better...